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Embark on an inspiring path of creativity and mastery with our Event Management course. This course is designed to unleash your potential, providing comprehensive training in event management, through each step of the event planning process to event delivery and reconciliation.


Diploma Course

  • 12 Modules and Assignments
  • 12 Months to Study
  • Receive a Diploma of Event Management
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We strongly believe in providing the best quality service and learning experience available online. We have partnered with a number of third-party accreditation bodies to give students peace of mind and confidence in studying with us.

Discover the Foundations of Becoming an Event Manager

The event industry, with its diversity and vibrancy, offers a plethora of opportunities for creative and organised minds. Our Diploma of Event Management course, delivered online for flexibility, spans twelve detailed modules to be completed at your pace within twelve months. This comprehensive event management course covers everything from event planning basics to the intricacies of legal considerations, design and layout, catering, venue search, and more, preparing you for a multitude of event types including galas, weddings, product launches, and festivals.

Explore the Fundamental Principles of Event Management

Uncover the foundational elements that power the vibrant world of event management:

  • Planning & Execution: Learn to navigate the entire event lifecycle, from initial concept to post-event evaluation.
  • Vendor & Venue Selection: Master the art of selecting the right vendors and venues to match the event needs and client's expectations.
  • Budget Management: Gain expertise in creating and managing budgets to ensure the financial success of events.
  • Risk Management: Understand the importance of risk assessment and management in event planning.
  • Marketing & Promotion: Explore strategies to effectively market and promote events to target audiences.

Learn How to Create Unforgettable Events

The Diploma of Event Management encourages you to harness your creativity and organisational skills to design and execute unforgettable events. Through practical assignments and real-world scenarios, you'll learn how to meet and exceed client expectations, creating experiences that resonate with attendees and leave lasting impressions.

Study When It Suits You

The flexibility of our course structure means you can begin your journey into event management at any time that suits you. There are no fixed start dates, allowing you to enrol and start learning immediately or at a time that aligns with your personal and professional commitments. This flexibility ensures that education in event management is accessible to everyone, regardless of their current life situation.

Our event management course is designed to be self-paced, accommodating your schedule and pace of learning. Students enrolled in the Diploma course are provided with 12 months to complete the course. Should you need more time, extensions can be purchased, offering additional flexibility to ensure you can complete your studies without pressure.

The self-paced nature of our courses allows you to engage with the material fully, apply your learning in practical assignments, and even balance your studies with work or personal commitments. With around-the-clock access to course materials and support from our dedicated tutors, you have the freedom to study whenever and wherever suits you best.

Find out more about self-paced learning and how it can fit into your life: Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Achieve?

Upon completing the Diploma of Event Management, you will:

  • Possess a comprehensive skill set for planning and managing a wide range of events.
  • Be ready to embark on a successful career in event management or enhance your existing role.
  • Have completed a range of practical assessments designed to hone your event planning and management capabilities that will prepare you for the real world of events.

Employment Opportunities

At the Institute for Event Management, we understand the significance of completing assignments and case studies that help our students land their dream jobs in the events industry. Therefore, we prioritise guiding our students through each assignment to ensure that their skillset preps them for employment.

By the end of our event management course, students will have a comprehensive understanding and theoretical experience that demonstrates their creativity, technical proficiency, and professional readiness. Feedback from experienced tutors on these assessments is a powerful tool to build confidence in job interviews, client meetings, and other professional settings, significantly increasing the chances of securing rewarding employment opportunities in the field of event management.

Let us inspire you with the student work below by student Joreen Loreto, which she created during our online event management course. View more of her work at @jorloreto


Kickstart Your Event Management Career with Personalised & Expert Guidance

Our dedication to your growth extends far beyond offering high-quality education. Through personalised guidance and expert mentorship, our program does more than teach the fundamentals of event management—it sets you on the path to a thriving career in the field.

Each tutor at our institute is a seasoned event management professional and is also a dedicated mentor, providing tailored feedback on your assignments and answering any questions you have about the course content. This approach ensures you get the targeted support and insights necessary to refine your abilities and build your confidence as an event manager. Our mentorship adapts to your unique educational journey, offering precise, constructive feedback to facilitate your progress.

Enrolling in our course means acquiring a comprehensive skillset and evaluable credentials that significantly enhance your career prospects in event management. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for success, whatever your career ambitions are.

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Unmatched Online Learning Experiences with The Institute for Event Management

As part of our dynamic online community, you'll connect with expert tutors and like-minded students, engaging in discussions, sharing ideas, and drawing inspiration from a network of creative minds. This supportive educational environment is designed to inspire, challenge, and empower you on your path to becoming an event manager.

Our Community

As part of your learning journey, you'll gain access to our vibrant online community. Through our dedicated Facebook group, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow students and professionals from around the world.

Share your ideas, seek advice, gain inspiration, and even collaborate on projects. This community engagement is an invaluable aspect of your learning experience, providing support, networking opportunities, and a sense of belonging to a global network of aspiring and established event managers.

Read testimonials from our student community or see what our students are up to via our #IEMstudent tag.

Event Management

What Does the Diploma Course Cover?

The Diploma of Event Management course gives you a professional edge. Our carefully crafted curriculum encompasses 12 comprehensive modules tailored to enhance your knowledge and proficiency in event management. You will graduate with a professional portfolio and have real-world skills to thrive as an event manager.

  • checked 12 Extensive Modules and Assignments
  • checked Highly Specialised Tutors
  • checked Networking Opportunities
  • checked Improved Employment Outcomes
  • checked 12 Months to Study
  • checked Receive a Diploma of Event Management
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It was so nice being able to go through it at my own pace (because life gets busy!), reading the documents, and then completing assignments with no "set" deadlines.

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